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Top Idol Performances: #15-11

This will be finished. This is so close to being finished. I have three updates to slog through. Three! I can do it. I have faith in myself. I am writing this one on zero sleep, so it will make no sense, but that’s okay. They never make sense. No one needs complete sentences.
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Top Idol Performances: #20-16

Top 20, yo! And it’s only taken a little over a year to get there. Gosh, I certainly am timely with these things aren’t I? And of course, because S11 has actually been fantastic, there are quite a few new performances that would definitely make the list. But I have no time to think about those, because I need to go write about performances from eight years ago (including one in this set that will make everyone go “wtf?”). Without further ado…
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Top Idol Performances: #25-21

Now we’re getting down to the top 2% of performances. 2%! That’s like nothing. It’s the best of the best, y’all. It sucks that I have to cut some of these right now, but I do. The theme of this is awesomesauce performances that you should rewatch as soon as humanly possible because they will enrich your life and make you smarter. Or something. I don’t know. Writing a vague introduction to superficially tie together five entirely unrelated performances is hard.
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Top Idol Performances: #30-26

We’ve somehow made it all the way to the top 30! I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, y’all, and it looks oh so pretty. Here we look at the joys of midtempo/uptempo songs from a bunch of contestants who were much better known as somewhat stale belters at times. Man, now that we’re in the top 30 I really do love every single one of these performances. I’m sad I’m cutting a few of these.
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Top Idol Performances: #35-31

Included in this update: four winners and 3 white guys with guitars. And yes, all three white guys with guitars are winners. Because I love myself a good WGWG performance. Of course, while four of these performances are all probably remembered to a degree, I always need to include that one long-forgotten performance. Or else I just wouldn’t be me, y’know?
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Top Idol Performances: #40-36

I don’t think any of the semi-finals performances from this season will be making their way into the top 100 list here, but at least they showed some promise. I mean, at least a few of them were undeniably better than hilarious joke performances like a 9th placer wearing a coat cape and singing Sisqo, right? WRONG. Horrifyingly wrong, actually. So wrong that I think I just need to get on with #40.
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Top Idol Performances: #45-41

And them performances just keep on comin’! In this installment we look at a whole bunch of big-voiced belters hitting some of the classics and, um, Matt Giraud during country week. So obviously the Matt performances is the highest ranked of the bunch. I hope you weren’t expecting anything else.
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