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Top Idol Performances: #20-16

Top 20, yo! And it’s only taken a little over a year to get there. Gosh, I certainly am timely with these things aren’t I? And of course, because S11 has actually been fantastic, there are quite a few new performances that would definitely make the list. But I have no time to think about those, because I need to go write about performances from eight years ago (including one in this set that will make everyone go “wtf?”). Without further ado…
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Top Idol Performances: #25-21

Now we’re getting down to the top 2% of performances. 2%! That’s like nothing. It’s the best of the best, y’all. It sucks that I have to cut some of these right now, but I do. The theme of this is awesomesauce performances that you should rewatch as soon as humanly possible because they will enrich your life and make you smarter. Or something. I don’t know. Writing a vague introduction to superficially tie together five entirely unrelated performances is hard.
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Got Rid Of A White Guy

Colton was sent packing this week! Which makes me simultaneously super happy and super sad. I grew to like Colton. He was kind of insane and played around a bit. He kept things interesting. But he was also a white dude who fit broadly into the “rock” genre, so I don’t mind getting a little proof that his fanbase wasn’t bulletproof. So, my conflicted farewell song to Colton below.

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Top 7 Song Choices: This Decade

So while I’ve been neglecting this blog, Heejun and Deandre were sent a-packing and I can’t say I’m mad about that. This season is just looking so awesome. We have Skylar and her spastic brand of crazy, Colton and his swoopy faux-hawk filled with dark energy, Jessica and her uncanny ability to turn any lyric into a literal gesture, Joshua and his permanent gospel choir, Hollie and her magical fairy-like aura, Elise and her hatred of everything and everyone ever, and Phillip and his total failure at life.

Anyway, this week the theme is actually super current! It’s songs from this decade. Yeah, you read that right. This decade! Not four decades ago! It’s a miracle. Now I just have to hope that no artist has released any version of “Against All Odds” in the past couple years. So here are my suggestions for the crew:
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