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X-Factor Top 11: Songs That Were Coincidentally In Movies

So I was super excited when the impeccably styled Steve Jones, keeper of the time, announced that the contestants would be singing songs from the movies. It was movie night on X-Factor! X-Factor has theme weeks, y’all. I mean, I pretty much live for theme weeks because of the hilarious choices they bring about. But no, this wasn’t movie night. This was pick any song at random and then use Google to find out which movie it was in week. Idol usually fudges a bit on movie week, too, but at least no one has sung something made famous by Get Smart on Idol. (That said, X-Factor doesn’t need theme weeks to provide us with hilarious and insane song choices, so they get a pass.)

Steve Jones is still the promptest host on TV and the judges are still desperate to convince America that the contestants are talented.
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X-Factor Top 12: Trading Skill For Spectacle

I’m a big fan of backup dancers and fire and light shows. This is why I watch X-Factor and love it so much. I don’t expect legitimately enjoyable performances. Truly. But I still managed to be underwhelmed this episode because the judges/mentors kept heaping on the hyperbole. I’m fine watching someone embarrass themselves on live TV. I just don’t want to watch them get praised for it afterwards. (Unless the praise is for the right things, but no one congratulated Drew on the fabulous rose petals that were projected all around her or Rachel for the gigantic pink stereo display she was perched on.)

On that note, the judges are not only awful at judging, they’re also awful at mentoring! It’s one thing when I can rage at unimaginative contestants for botched song choice after botch song choice. It’s a lot less fun to rage at the mentors for literally having zero clue. Paula gets a pass because she truly seems to understand how to embrace the ridiculousness of X-Factor and harness that into pure spectacle energy which shines on the stage. Everyone else is trying too hard to be artistic or relevant or something and it makes for some unfortunate performances.

Oh oh oh! But at least Steve Jones didn’t suck this week. He wasn’t the best. host. ever, but at least he managed to get by without making me wince. (Although, I was afraid that he was going to crush Rachel Crow when she tried to escape his grasp.)
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