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The Top 11 Are Kinda Awesome Live

July 15th, 2011. 7:00 PM. Los Angeles, CA.
On the 405. Carmageddon looms. It’s rush hour. Thick layers of smog fill the air. Droves of people are on the verge of hysterics as they hurry frantically to their final destination. A gray-haired man stands up and… is wearing a t-shirt with Stefano Langone’s face on it? Wait, this isn’t the 405. This is the Season 10 American Idol tour.

So yes, because of the ever-wonderful (and ever-concert-going) @h2oconvo, I was able to see the Idols’ Live Tour at the Nokia Theater in all its immaculately choreographed glory. This was my first American Idol Tour experience ever, so, not gonna lie, I was super excited, although ultimately disappointed by the lack of puffy paint t-shirts and signage. (I saw more signs in the trash can at the security line in the venue than I did in the actual theater. It was disappointing. They weren’t even interesting signs, either. Where’s the hot pink, rhinestone-encrusted “Lusting 4 Lusk” sign? Where’s the “I ♥ U, SCOTTY” neon green puffy-paint t-shirt? Idol fans, your sanity is underwhelming and your appropriateness is overplayed.)

In case it wasn’t clear from the overly lengthy parenthetical above, I was surprised by the crowd. Not nearly as tween-leaning as I imagined. Not nearly as female as I imagined. I’m not going to give you the demographic rundown (I seem to have misplaced my census results), but it was an eclectic mix of cool, calm and collected (the two early thirty-something guys sitting behind me) and overly-enthusiastic, obnoxious and embarrassing (me) for a fun, healthily-contained concert vibe. There was energy without there being Bieber-fans-maul-plain-clothes-cop energy.

I had relatively little knowledge of the show beforehand. I had seen the setlist once, but remembered almost nothing from it. I’d watched two videos (Pia’s single and Pia/Stefano on “California King Bed”) and that was about it. So I entered the Nokia with fairly fresh eyes. (Well, that’s probably misleading. I don’t suppose I can watch anything Idol-related with fresh eyes.) As someone who is a fan of music and a fan of Idol, I was pleasantly surprised that the two were, for once, not at odds with each other. It was a delicate balancing act between well-sung, musically interesting and variety show entertainment that mostly succeeded. All the Idols delivered on some level and, most importantly, the show never once felt like it was dragging its feet.

… Okay, that was a far longer introduction than I had planned. (What? Taks going on for paragraphs and paragraphs without saying anything and overusing parentheses, hyphenated adjectives and superlatives? Simply unheard of!) I will do my best to be brief going over the actual performances now, though I do intend to touch on every single one. By memory. If I miss something, it clearly did not leave an impression. So in case my Twitter-spam live blogging wasn’t quite enough, here are my non-140-character-constrained thoughts in (mostly) full sentences.
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