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Top Idol Performances: #60-56

So I went to crazy typical ballad-y belting land in the last update. I’ll try to make up for all those glory notes and runs with this one because the remedy for any overdose of dreary are a few rockin’ uptempos, yeah? (And really, I don’t intend for these groupings to have themes. They occasionally do though and I can’t say I mind. It fills this space! See! Woo hoo!) More space-filling text goes here and then a lead-in to the performances followed by a colon:
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Top Idol Performances: #65-61

Hey, I’m kind of almost to a point where people might start remembering the performances. Or at least start remembering the performers. There’s a ┬átime and place for big glory notes and power ballads on American Idol. Apparently, that time and place is right now and in this blog. For a few overwrought, indulgent glory notes by your typical belters, read on.
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