Top 4 Song Choices: Songs That Inspire

Apparently the second theme this week is now “Songs That Inspire” (according to Jacob Lusk and a TVLine source). Which, hurrah! for not having to hear 8 Leiber and Stoller classics. But um, less-hurrah for the rounds of “God Bless THe USA”, “I Believe” and “When You Believe” that we will no doubt be subjected to. But there are choices out there that could be “inspiring” and not also supremely trite and played out. (Unlikely to actualize, given that we’ve seen this theme three times before with less-than-stellar results.) Here’s what I intend to be the shortest-blog-ever on a quick rundown of what I think might work for the second theme.

We already know that James Durbin is going to be performing the eighteen trillionth cover of “Don’t Stop Believing” (Journey) because the world needed to hear that song again. Surprisingly, it actually has never been performed by a contestant before. It was done as a group performance during Season 8’s Top Downloads week (a week most of us would rather forget) and then repeated ad nauseum during that season’s tour. James will be over-the-top and be extra screamy on it and will get praised for bringing down the house. If he’s mostly on key, I’ll probably be entertained.

For Lauren Alaina, I’d like to hear her on “Sure Looks Good To Me” by Alicia Keys. Yeah, I just selected an Alicia Keys song for a contestant. It’s a song that starts off with the line Life is cheap, bittersweet, but I promise it’s ultimately a classically inspirational song, complete with that “don’t give up” message. It’s got a nice slow build Lauren could sink into, a few places for huge belted notes and ample opportunity for her to show off her softer vocals. Plus it fits in with Lauren’s supremely manufactured redemption edit; she’s in her “low” right now, but she can take risks and it’ll all pay off! (Cue eyerolls.)

Honestly, as always, I’m at a loss for Scotty McCreery because I really don’t know any country songs, but I’d be forced to vote for him if he sang “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor. I mean, what’s more inspirational than Rocky? And not even Scotty can be too cheesy for that song. I’d be laughing forever and then dialing for Mr. Apple Pie.

Now I’m going to suggest another screw-you song for Haley Reinhart in the form of “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child. It’s not just that I wouldn’t mind if Haley threw on any of the outfits in Destiny’s Child’s music video, but I still think Haley needs to capitalize on all of the rage her fans have devoted to the producers and judges. What better way to do this than to sing anything that Beyonce has done? (I mean, girl has a whole slew of suck-it-I’m-awesome songs.) The lyrics fit. They can be totally inspirational (or at least, empowering). Not sure if Haley could handle the pace of the verses, but I’d like to hear her try.

Sup! Idol! In! Two! Hours!


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