Top 6 Song Choices: Carole King

After Ryan announced that this week’s theme would be the Carole King songbook, I quickly realized that I know zero Carole King songs. Alright, that’s a bit of a lie. I know the song that killed Katelyn Epperly, the one Lauren Alaina already performed and the Gilmore Girls theme song. All six should just sing the Gilmore Girls theme song. I think that would be an entertaining week of television. So I’m going with another week of not actually making any real suggestions.

I actually am looking forward to this week, despite my abysmal knowledge of the theme. Yes, it is going to result in a ton of ridiculously dated songs, but I don’t mind that. (I’m still praying for a Rat Pack/Big Band/Standards week, personally.) Artist-specific themes tend to result in some surprisingly strong performances. It’s so narrow that the contestants can really find the best song for their purpose – and most will be forced to distinctly reinvent the original. If history is anything to go by, the guys, especially, should shine on Wednesday.

Everyone and their mother is suggesting “I Feel The Earth Move” for Haley. I don’t think that’s a good idea. I don’t think anyone should sing that song, really. It’s good, but too safe a choice for anyone to really break out with. It never really goes anywhere. Plus, it’ll bring me back to the top 16 results show last year and that’s just not a place I want to be. Katelyn! :(

Scotty needs to be animated (at this point, he pretty much can’t pick a straight-up country song so the producers did him a favor). Durbin needs to have a good vocal performance (with theatrics or not, anything to replace the blood-curdling screams from last week). Lauren still desperately needs her moment (which she is only gonna get at this point by singing the hell out of a ballad). Haley needs to pray Jacob goes early and screws up (because well, let’s face it, Haley’s performance quality has no bearing on her placement). Jacob needs to avoid listening to Randy’s advice at all costs (or not, he actually should just preach to us and then screech out cat noises for two minutes. Even better, he can screech out his preaching!). That’s everyone, right? I think that’s everyone. I hope they do well.

Who’s hyped for The Voice tonight?!


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