AI’s Top 100: Suggestions

I am a lot of things. Relevant to this post, I am crazy, American Idol obsessed and a bit of a list-o-phile. Because of this, I have decided it would be a good idea and productive use of time to create a list of the top 100 American Idol performances (halfway in honor of American Idol’s tenth season on air). I’m pretty sure this is considered a sane and socially acceptable past time. (If it’s not, don’t tell me about it.)

This “top” 100 list is not a really well-defined list and I don’t plan on defining it because I’m lazy and like to take the easy way out. I plan on it being mostly “my favorite performances” except not really because then 40 of the slots would be taken up by three performers and half would probably come from two seasons alone and that’s super boring. So, instead, it’ll be a list of my favorites with some sort of attempt to curb the number of times any one performer shows up. (Basically, to stop beating around the bush, I’ll try not to include every Kris Allen and Melinda Doolittle performance. I can’t promise I will succeed.)

While I have been able to come up with tons of performances on my own, I am reasonably certain that I have forgotten some performances in the last nine years of Idol. (Though, not entirely certain. Really, why can’t I remember useful things like classwork or my old yahoo e-mail password?) Because of this, I’d like to get input from everyone else on which performances to include. So remind me of any performances you think must have a spot on the list or even hidden gems you liked and think everyone else has unfortunately overlooked. (This is your chance, Ryan Starr and Melissa McGhee fans.) Please comment or tweet me any suggetions. (Hah, like anyone is going to do anything but tweet me. But hey, if you want to make a case in >140 characters, there is another option.)

So um, feed my insanity, por favor?


2 Responses to “AI’s Top 100: Suggestions”

  1. 1 Shannon April 5, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    My favorites are Kelly Clarkson’s Stuff Like That There, Carrie Underwood’s Alone, and Kris Allen’s Heartless. Typical choices, I know, but they’re all great performances.

  2. 2 Shannon April 5, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    Also, Jason Castro’s Hallelujah! I love that one.

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