Ashthon: When You Leave At Number Thirteen

To no one’s surprise (and I mean no one), Ashthon Jones went home last week on American Idol. (On an episode of American Idol that featured an amazing group sing, complete with ridiculous dance steps and pointy poses, a Puff Diddy Daddy Dirty Money performance and the Dougie.) So, Ashthon, here’s my ode to you, in song form! (I think I’m obligated to warn anyone who isn’t familiar with my musical skills that I have a fantastic, pitch-perfect voice and you might need to brace yourself for the awesome.)

I wanna let you know
Your music is through
Two weeks in a row
They passed on you
It wasn’t just
This awful song
But the way you sang
Was all wrong

And your Twitter page,
It was a mess
Somehow you can think
That last is best
So you do not leave
Without knowing
I am telling you
That you are going

And Ashthon,
Bloggers everywhere will
make up with their spell checks
That second “h” has really got to go
And sorry,
No one will remember
Anything about you
Or that you were even on the show
When you leave at number thirteen


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