Make Em Say Ah-Ah-Ah

Katy Perry is a clearly amazing vocalist. For all you haters out there, listen to her singing her newest single “Firework” live on X-Factor. And before you ask, no, she isn’t lip-syncing.

Beautiful, right? Katy, my lady, here’s a tribute to your light or spark or whatever the heck this song is about, with equally flawless vocals:

Do you ever feel like a Barbie doll?
Looking pretty with
Nothing very substantial

Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin?
Getting all your hits
Off of Max Martin

Do you ever feel like you’re in too deep?
As an artist seems
You have to do some live singing

Do you know that there’s
Still a chance for you
Cause there is auto-tune

You just gotta lip sync not sing
And say nothing
All you should bring
Is a vocal backing

Oh Katy you wrote “Firework”
And on it your voice makes my ears hurt
Makes us go “ow-ow-ow”
Your voice is really freaking terrible

Katy on “Firework”
You sound like a pick from VoteForTheWorst
Makes us go “ow-ow-ow”
You really need to stop singing live now


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