Idol Anticipation (Needs More Clichéd Puns)

Because of some extremely awesome people (hi Viv, hi Callie!), I have managed to score a free ticket to the Anaheim stop of the Idol Tour 2010! I know, I know, you’re all probably amazed that I was able to procure tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime event as tickets have been a scarcity. (… Or was that ticket sales?) I’m just SO excited I had to do something about it. And since I’d already used up my “My Life Would Suck Without You” parody, I figured “The Climb” was the next logical choice:

I can hardly wait now
This tour of train wrecks
But how could anything go wrong when they
Sing Miley Cyrus?

Every note they’re croaking
Every song they sing sounds
Dead with no emotion
It’s so breathtaking

And I’m gonna keep laughing
Gonna love these failures’ acts

And Andrew is gonna strum a dated pop song
Hope less than half of it is out of tune
And Tim should really bring back his slide cuz
It’s the only thing he can do

Don’t care if they hit the right notes
Don’t care if they perform interestingly
It was free

The struggles they’re facing
The chances they’re taking
Like trying to get through a whole set while
Being captivating

Disaster is coming
And this moment is one of
Those that I’ll remember most like
Janet’s wardrobe malfunction

And I, I’m gonna have fun
At this abomination

Siobhan is gonna wear an absurd costume
Screech a hellish glory note or two
Didi has to open up for two teens
Bet she can’t get the crowd to move

Don’t care if the hit they right notes
Don’t care if they perform interestingly
It was free


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